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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sun Joffe Manifesto

Sun-Joffe Manifesto or the Joint Manifesto of Sun and Joffe was an agreement signed between Sun Yat-sen and Adolph Joffe on January 26, 1923 for the cooperation of Republic of China Kuomintang and Soviet Union. The manifesto asserted that the Soviet system was not suitable for China, and it announced in general terms the willingness of Soviet to cooperate with the KMT in its struggle to unify China at the time.

Adolph Joffe was one of the Soviet delegates at the Genoa Conference in February 1922 and, after the Soviet walkout, was made ambassador to China, as the Soviet troubleshooter (or Kuznetsov) of those days. In 1923, Joffe signed an agreement with Sun Yat-Sen in Shanghai on aid to Kuomintang on the assumption that the latter would cooperate with Chinese Communists, presumably with Lenin's approval (see A Brief Chronology of China Since 1915 in K. S. Karol's China. The Other Communism, New York, Hill and Wang, 1967, ISBN 0-8090-1344-4 (1968 pbk).

Soon after Comintern agents Mikhail Borodin (real name Mikhail Gruzenberg) and Adolph Joffe were sent into Canton to try and redirect Sun Yat-sen towards Bolshevism. Gruzenberg failed to persuade, but managed to secure the entry of communists into the Kuomintang government. The Sun-Joffe Manifesto was drawn up in 1923 to ensure China's collaboration with the Soviet Union.

"The Chinese Marxist Sun Yatsen (Sun Yixian) was an eminent freemason. Even Chiang Kaishek (Jiang Jieshi) co-operated with the Communists in the beginning. He was a 33rd degree freemason (of the Scottish rite) who later broke away from the Communists and became the leader of bourgeois China. The United States demanded of the Japanese to stop fighting the Chinese Communists between 1937 and 1945. General George C. Marshall (1880-1959), then secretary of state, demanded that Chiang Kaishek allow the Communists into his government. Marshall had been President Truman's special envoy in China from 1945 to 1947. He asserted that the Communists were good people but Chiang Kaishek refused to comply. Chiang Kaishek was left without help. Instead, the support for Mao Zedong increased (the aid to the Chinese Communists went via Moscow). On the 31st of January 1949, Communists in American tanks rolled into Beijing and on the 31st of October, the People's Republic of China was officially proclaimed. The civil war ended after having claimed 20 million lives" - Juri Lina.

(note: research The Red Holocaust)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gay Marriage

Gallup's pollsters found that 53 percent of US residents back legalizing gay marriage, while 45 percent are opposed. Last year, 53 percent of respondents were against gay marriage, and 44 were in favor. The national surge comes as Albany debates whether to legalize gay marriage in New York state. Gov. Cuomo and the Democratic run Assembly support same sex marriage, but the legislation has stalled in the Republican-controlled Senate.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg went to Albany to ask that lawmakers make it possible for gay couples to marry in New York State.

Five states currently allow same-sex couples to marry. In date order, those states are: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont and New Hampshire. The federal government of the United States does not recognize the marriages of same-sex couples and is prohibited from doing so by the Defense of Marriage Act.

Monday, May 16, 2011

I See Sheeple

Sheeple (a portmanteau of "sheep" and "people") is a term of disparagement, in which people are likened to sheep.

The term is often used to denote persons who voluntarily acquiesce to a perceived authority figure's suggestion without critical analysis or sufficient research to understand the ramifications of that decision. By doing so, Sheeple undermine their own individuality and may willingly give up their rights. The implication of the term is that people fallaciously appeal to authority and believe or do what they are told by perceived authority figures who they view as trustworthy. The term is generally used in a political, social, and sometimes spiritual sense - Wikipedia.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Alternative Media Kenite Connection

The Naomi Wolf documentary is interesting and so are the countless other videos, articles, films, etc circulating the airwaves and internet. What Spread the Truth finds more interesting is that the kenites have taken over alternative media as well. We haven't viewed all of Alex Jones' material, but does he ever mention kenites or zionists or does he ever contribute any of the ongoing problems to them? It's a good question.... something to think to over. Spread the Truth thinks it is good to study and discern the media and alternative news as well. One thing that we have seen clearly is that any source in the USA (or any other nation) that does not focus on the real problem is part of the problem. It is not far fetched to conclude that the kenites have taken over the alternative news media form.

IMF head arrested in NY

From Associated Press Colleen Long - May 15, 2011

The leader of the International Monetary Fund and a possible candidate for president of France was arrested Sunday in connection with the violent sexual assault of a hotel maid after being yanked from an airplane moments before it was to depart for Paris, police said. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, 62, was arrested on charges of a criminal sex act, attempted rape and unlawful imprisonment and was awaiting arraignment.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stay away from Porne!

Porne - Greek definition

1. a woman who sells her body for sexual uses
  • a prostitute, a harlot, one who yields herself to defilement for the sake of gain
  • any woman indulging in unlawful sexual intercourse, whether for gain or for lust

2. metaph. an idolatress

  • of "Babylon" i.e. Rome, the chief seat of idolatry

Excerpt from Men as Victims by Mark Kastleman

Dr. Gary Lynch, a neuro-scientist at the University of California at Irvine, in discussing how the human brain processes information received from the outside world, said: "What we are saying here is that an event which lasts half a second, within five to ten minutes has produced a structural change that is in some ways as profound as the structural changes one sees in [brain] damage."

Further commenting on how a word or image can immediately alter the brain structure, Dr. Lynch says, ". . . in a matter of seconds, taking an incredibly modest signal, a word. . . which is in your head as an electrical signal for no more than a few seconds, can. . . leave a trace that will last for years."


John 17:14 "I have given them Thy word; and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world."

When you teach GOD's Word the way it should be taught, which is chapter by chapter and verse by verse, rightly dividing the Word of GOD, the world will hate you for it. Embrace the unpopularity because the Word of GOD will not win a popularity contest in this day and age. Satan's hidden dynasty, run by his children, the kenites, controls education via government and media and does not allow the Word of GOD to become part of its activity or curriculum. Many do not realize that our nation's laws and the foundation of our education are based from the Bible. Mainstream churches today are no different from the churches in Jesus' time. The Word was misunderstood, even rejected and changed, and replaced by false doctrine and tradition in Jesus' day as well as in this present day.

The world chooses to follow Satan and the ill-gotten money, fame and false power that comes with the prince of this world, the son of perdition. All of Satan's roads lead to hell and without Christ, you are headed to hell even without the help of the evil one.

John 17:17 "Sanctify them through Thy truth: Thy word is truth."

"Sanctify" is a term that means, "to be made holy". Of course, we cannot be holy in the flesh, but we can be "sanctified" in Christ by learning the true Word of GOD and utilizing that Word to govern our lives. It is living by what the Spirit of GOD is instructing you, through His Word. We become "separated", or "hagiazo", from the world when we follow His WORD. Embrace the WORD and He will embrace you!

John 17:26 "And I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it: that the love wherewith Thou hast loved Me may be in them, and I in them."

Get right with Him (HOLY FATHER) first and you will be glad that you did!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Middle East One Currency Agenda

The Following Programs are Now in Service:
  • Obama the Osama Slayer - featured on May Day propaganda media
  • IMF Middle East One Currency Agenda - domino-like government protest and Arab uprising propaganda
Is Arab Regime Change One Currency Plot?

The domino-like set of protest against governments across the Middle East and North Africa may be part of a larger cleansing of the region before a unified currency takes hold in the oil-producing states.

Talk of a single currency among the Gulf States modeled after the Euro has been bandied about for more than a decade. In Decemeber 2001, members of the Cooperation Council of Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) decided at a summit conference in Muscat to introduce a monetary union as of January 1, 2010, reports Credit Suisse. In 2008, Qatar’s Central Bank Governor, Shaikh Abdullah bin Saud al Thani, confirmed the plan was still on track with a due date for 2010.

“The US dollar has failed. We need to delink,” Nahed Taher, chief executive of Bahrain’s Gulf One Investment Bank, told The UK Telegraph in December 2009.

Because the tentatively-named “gulfo” would usurp the American dollar’s status as the reserve currency for oil transactions, concerns that some countries using the new monetary system who are inhospitable to Western interests in the region, or whose aging dictators might give way to a regime that would, put the plans on hold until a solution could be offered that would placate those worries.

Bahrain’s foreign minister, Khalid Bin Ahmad Al Kalifa, noted that other basic barriers to trade and capital flows based on those political divisions would have to be broken down first for the project to work.

Another concern is that the new currency would be dominated by Saudi Arabia, setting monetary policy would set for Riyadh’s needs and making smaller countries feel more like satellites.

“The single currency should come last. We need to coordinate our economic policies and build up common infrastructure as a first step,” The UK Telegraph quoted him as saying.

In a major breakthrough that year, the GCC also agreed to create a joint military strike force – similar to the EU’s rapid reaction force – to tackle threats such as the incursion of Yemeni Shiite rebels into Saudi territory earlier that year.

That agreement conjures the possibility of a war between unified Sunni Gulf states against Shiite Iran, which is reportedly still after a nuclear weapons arsenal. However, members of the GCC all agreed that “any military action against Iran” by Western powers would be unacceptable.

There is a logic to an Arab currency. The region speaks one language, has the unifying creed of “Umma Wahida” or One Nation from the Koran, and has not torn itself apart in savage wars – ever – in quite the way that Europe has in living memory.

Longer-term plans include the Gulfo being part of a larger basket of currencies that include the Euro, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan and gold which would become the reserve currency of the world - (source:


The International Monetary Fund has approved plans that will achieve monetary union for Middle Eastern countries by 2005 and the launch of a single currency by 2010. The IMF's policy discussion paper states: "The general conclusion is that the benefits do not seem too large, but that neither do the costs." The IMF has mapped out the steps that will be taken during the unification period to establish the single Gulf currency within the first decade of the new millennium.

The new currency will initially be limited to members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which includes some of the most wealthy nations on earth. The GCC Gulf comprises Saudi Arabia - the world's most important source of oil, as well as Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates. According to the IMF:

"The establishment of an economic and monetary union will create an important regional entity that in 2001 had an estimated combined GDP of about $335 billion, average weighted per capita income in nominal terms of $12,708, and 45 and 17 percent, respectively, of the world's oil and natural gas reserves."


During 2002, an extreme acceleration of the globalisation process has unified more nations than ever before. Ten new countries agreed to become member states of the European Union, and when Turkey joins the EU it will become the second largest member state, and the boundaries of European Union jurisdiction will include a substantial part of Asia as well as most of the European continent. The EU is no longer just a United States of Europe.

"It has been quite a year for the European Union. It began with the euro becoming a common currency across 12 member states and much of western Europe. It should end with invitations being issued to 10 countries to join the 15 current members of the EU. By any standards, 2002 will be a landmark."

Also in 2002, seven new nations joined the American-led NATO military-political alliance.

"Nato leaders meeting in Prague have invited seven more countries to join the alliance in what will be the biggest expansion in its history."


The early years of the new millennium will be dominated by the great institutions of world unity, United Nations, the United States of America, the United States of Europe, and the United States of the Gulf. When the unification process is complete, how many separate groups of unified nations will exist?

Does this latest round of international unification bring mankind closer toward the United States of the World? - (source:

Sunday, May 1, 2011

What do you believe?

Job 38:4-7
4 Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding.
5 Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line upon it?
6 Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof;
7 When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy? (KJV)

I believe (original post written by by John Rhine - edited by Spread-the-Truth):
  • That, billions of years ago God was alone (it's lonely at the top).
  • That, God had Wisdom, but no family to love or to love Him in return.
  • That, at that time, for His pleasure, billions of years ago, God created us, His children as spirit beings like Himself.
  • That, He could have created us like robots, programed to love Him, but finding no pleasure in that option, chose to give us free will.
  • That, He gave us free will knowing that in doing so, He risk our not returning His love.
  • That, He also created Lucifer to be a protector of the Mercy Seat.
  • That, God then created the world that then was (the first earth age) as a home for us in our angelic bodies.
  • That, Lucifer, using his free will, decided he wanted to sit on the Mercy Seat, as CHRIST, as GOD.
  • That, Lucifer deceived one third of us, convincing that many of us that he truly was capable of being more powerful than or as powerful as God.
  • That, God, in anger over Lucifer's betrayal, removed us from the earth during that first earth age and destroyed everything, actually knocking the earth off its perfect axis and causing a world wide flood [Lucifer's flood (Katabole, Satan's overthrow); not Noah's flood] which wiped out the first world age.
  • That, God sentenced Lucifer to everlasting death, with the sentence to be carried out at a future date only after He [God] uses him to help discover which of us will, truly, by our own free will, remain or become faithful to Him during this, second, earth age.
  • That, God chose not to destroy us, His children, at that time, even the ones who followed Lucifer, because He loves us and realized we had no appreciation of the finality of death; our only experience with death, having been witness to the life and death of the flesh and blood beings of the animal kingdom [dinosaurs and such] during that first earth age.
  • That, a number of us who had stayed faithful to God, continuing to worship Him and showing our love for Him.
  • That, The majority of us did not take sides with Lucifer against God, but we also did not actively choose God over Lucifer either.
  • That, God knew that many of us could not really appreciate the finality of death, even though we witnessed it in animals, so He had a plan whereby we could be saved from the same fate as Lucifer which is eternal death of the soul.
  • That, He would, one by one, in turn, over a period of time, during a second earth age, place us into flesh and blood bodies to experience the life and death of our flesh body, i.e. the shadow of death, so that we might by so doing realize how final the death of our souls would be and allowing us then, if we had not already done so, to by our own free will, choose to be faithful to Him.
  • That, Those of us who remained faithful in the first earth age He chose, predestined, for a special purpose in this flesh life without free will because He knew we had already chosen to be faithful to Him in the first earth age. (referring to us as "the elect" in the Bible)
  • That, God then created this new earth and created human life (the races) and has each of us in turn being born of water and existing here in flesh bodies, similar to that of animals, so we can gain appreciation of life and the finality of death by experiencing both, physical life and physical death while living here in flesh bodies.
  • That, He did this [created this new earth] over a six day (approx. 6000 year) period of time and on the seventh day (approx. 1000 year period) he rested while many of us came to earth, and still do, through the womb experiencing life and death during our short stay here on earth.
  • That, we all, in the flesh, fall short of the perfection he requires of his children.
  • That, He decided to come to earth Himself as a flesh man to offer His own blood as a sacrifice for sin to all who would choose life through Him rather than death through Satan.
  • That, on the eighth day he created Adam, the first farmer.
  • That, He Himself would come to earth in a flesh body as a descendant of this Adamic line of humans.
  • That, from day one, Satan determined he would corrupt that Adamic line with his own seed.
  • That, Satan did corrupt a branch of that new line before it ever really got started when he seduced Eve in the garden and she bore Cain.
  • That, a pure branch did survive through Adam's and Eve's son Seth.
  • That, over several generations others of us, loyal to Satan, came to earth without entering through the womb, i.e. being born of water, and impregnated daughters of Seth's descendants.
  • That, the situation got so bad that when there were only eight pure Adamic descendants left God again decided to destroy all other human life, in that part of the world, with a second but less devastating local flood (Noah's flood).
  • That, even after Noah's flood more of us continued to come to earth without entering through the womb (producing the giant species of man of which Goliath was one).
  • That, a pure strain on humans did survive through Abraham's and Sarah's son Isaac, via Isaac's son, Jacob (Israel) and from that line God came to earth, through the womb of a virgin descendant, in the person of Jesus Christ.
  • That, Jesus, being God in the flesh, lived a perfect life without sin and therefore; was able to become the ultimate sacrifice.
  • That, after we all have been to earth through the womb, the one true Christ will return and we will all be changed back into spirit bodies similar to the bodies we had in the first earth age.
  • That, before Jesus returns, Lucifer/Satan [as the false-christ] will come and deceive many professing Christians into believing he is Christ.
  • That, those of us who are deceived [have the mark of the beast in our forehead] will be so ashamed when Jesus says, "Depart from me, I never knew you".
  • That, When Christ returns we will all be changed back into our spiritual bodies; the Millennium (next 1000 years) will be a spiritual (not flesh and blood) existence for all of us, both the saved and the dead.
  • That, some of us who have already accepted and truly know Christ, as in know the difference between what is holy and what is profane, will receive eternal life at His return (the first resurrection)
  • That, those of us who receive eternal life at that first resurrection will rule with Christ for 1000 years teaching the rest of us the difference between what is Holy and what is profane [summer school, you might call it, for the rest of us]
  • That, Those referred to as the dead, during the Millennium, are those of us who did not receive eternal life at Christ's return, who while being yet alive all through the Millennium, are still liable to perish at the Great White Throne of Judgment depending on our works during the Millennium.
  • That, Satan will be locked up and unable to negatively influence us for this 1000 year period.
  • That, we will all (every one who ever lived, except Satan, and those of us who did not come to earth through the womb) live on earth with Christ for 1000 years (approx. 12 billion of us).
  • That, after one thousand years living without evil influence but with us having foreknowledge of what death is, Satan will be loosed for a little while to again tempt us.
  • That, any of us who did not receive eternal life at our Lord's return, now having this foreknowledge, who still choose to follow Satan, will be judged at the Great White Throne and sentenced to the same fate as Satan - to perish by the all consuming fire which is God.
  • That, God now knows that all of us who chose to follow Him in the first earth age and/or during the grace period of this earth age did so because we love Him allowing Him to change our hearts to what He would have us be, and
  • That, the walking dead who choose to follow God and holiness rather then Satan and what is profane, when Satan is released for a short time at the end of the Millennium, will at that time be granted eternal life (the second resurrection).
  • That, then God will have achieved His goal of having children, for all of eternity, who are pure in heart not because he created us without the ability to sin but knowing we loved Him and chose Him to purified us not by His will alone, but by our own free will.
  • That, as we humans measure time, is a long drawn out process, but the only way God could create offspring who end up not only being perfect, but who love Him, as He loves us, by our own free will.
  • That, He created us with the ability to be imperfect, yet with a free will to choose if we want Him to change our hearts from imperfection to perfection.
  • That, we will spend eternity here in a new heaven and earth [the third heaven and earth age] in spirit bodies, like our Fathers, and we will be His family and He will be our Father and our God.
In YAHSHUA's Name, Amen.