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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New World Enslavement

Every country that experiences financial collapse in this era will rise up as a new nation (keeping the old name) under the new world enslavement order - a one world government of false peace and a false messiah (Satan). Every step and measure has been taken by the members of the Synagogue of Satan to fuel strong delusions towards a one way journey to global governance and hell. People have been dumb downed their entire lives by a propaganda of lies weaved into the social fabrics of societies, including the traditions of men, culture, education and mass brainwashing techniques. We live in a world where wolves are disguised as sheep and shepherds and men have put their trust in other men. Humanism is a lie and teaches man to praise men. Unfortunately, men cannot save mankind and man cannot save man from sins, spiritual death and enslavement. You can choose to be rich in CHRIST or you can be a spiritual harlot in Satan's bed - the mark of the beast is in the mind. Seek spiritual treasures that moths, rust and thieves cannot corrupt; lay up eternal treasures through CHRIST JESUS in Heaven with GOD, our HOLY FATHER.

Nation Collapse Followed by Enslavement (video):