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Monday, July 11, 2011

Twelfth Bough

How Far is Heaven (part 1 - full version) is written by the guy who runs his "own damn think tank" at the Twelfth Bough.

Scarcity is a lie. All the conflicts over energy and resources are based on lies. The earth provides more than enough resources to sustain all the life on this planet. Life saving science has been suppressed to generate conflict and profit, and to control us. Secret technologies have abused humanity. The science gap was made to create the illusion that they are God, that they have replaced God in our lives. Humanity was held back to make this possible. Countless lives were sacrificed to make this possible. Do we reflect that back to them by worshiping their lies, or do we deny them the satisfaction by seeking the truth? Your choice.

Not enough people love the truth. Not enough people seek after the truth, want to know what is true, what is real, and desire this knowledge deeply, even if the truth is painful. When many more people love the truth enough to seek it, to learn it, to accept its reality no matter how painful it is initially, our problems will resolve themselves. To love the truth is to love. To seek the truth is to love. To love is to lend our hands to God and to deny them to evil. It is all very, very simple. Love the truth, look for it everywhere, and all will be well, eventually. Honor your own dignity enough to refuse to be lied to.

We could have heaven on earth. Instead we have hell on earth. We seem to be far from heaven. But we are not helpless. They have taken the battle to our minds *and* our bodies, and that is where we have to fight them. We fight them for sovereignty over our selves. We have said many times the resistance begins in your mind. We took our minds back, and we will take our bodies back too.