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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Matrix Report

The Matrix Report by Houdini

The manipulation of public opinion has become the PsyOp art for the ruling elite and our governments. Some of the best social scientists, psychologists, and marketing men in the world have mastered the art to a science. So much so that they can kill someone in broad daylight (JFK) in front of thousands of witnesses, then not only get away with it, but have media and the masses join in the chorus in ridiculing anyone that comes forward to even question the situation. Now THAT is what I call magic! Hail to the master manipulators of man! Those who convince the masses to not only ignore their common sense perception and logic of reality but also masterfully get the minions to completely collectively to ignore the FACTS and the laws of physics are the master sorcerers of the modern world.

One major factor that is statistically proven and well known to the Spin Masters is the fact that at least a full one third of any given segment will believe ANYTHING you tell them anyway. You see, it goes like this: The national average IQ level is 100. Given that simple fact, it does not take a mathematical genius to figure out that at least one third must be "intelligence impaired" to say it nicely, while another one third can be considered "gifted". That leaves us with a full two thirds of any given population that are within the realm of easy manipulation. It is that "pesky" one third of intellectually "gifted" that always pose the biggest headaches to the ruling elite. For their analytical powers of reasoning and independent thinking are hard to circumvent.

Oh, but there is a way to everything. Appeal to the vainness’ of their superior intellect with great shows of intellectual scientific facts, studies, statistics, etc., by those who they look up to, consider their peers and superiors. Oh, how many of those high IQs get caught up in the whirlwind of smoke and mirrors. Many then chime in and re-enforce the issue, event, etc. at some point, fiction magically becomes accepted as fact through the masterful manipulation of statistics.

One of the factors that makes it so easy for the Government and rulers to be able to lead the herds of sheeple is the fact that since childhood we are constantly conditioned to follow orders, do as you are told, NEVER question authority, those who prove to have dutifully allowed themselves to be easily controlled are rewarded with silly things like a letter "A" and receive “honors” (oh how nice it is to be put on that pedestal and looked up to in admiration by your peers). Those who fail to follow as they are told are punished. The system of rewards in the indoctrination process just gets more elaborate as you get older. When you really do good, never getting out of line and perfectly following the agenda of those in leadership, the rewards get interesting, wow, now you can get a cool certificate or even a MEDAL! Golly gee whiz, you are really cooking now. You are becoming the perfect object .

You hang that perfectly worthless piece of paper on your walls and treasure those pieces of tin with fake gold plating, boy are you proud. Wow, now that’s what the meaning of life is all about! Congratulations, you are now ready to join your fellow sheeple in society. Now you are ready to toil day in and day out to make ends meet with the rest of your peers, applying the lessons you have been conditioned since childhood in your everyday life, blindly follow and obey. The moment you "get out of line" you are quickly punished. We have to dock your days pay, when you do something utterly dumb like question or confront whatever system you are toiling under, the punishment is a "pink slip." The true meaning of life has been obscured to ALL since childhood.

The meaning of life has been replaced by: "The American Dream." You must go to whatever lengths to accomplish no matter what. Your peers judge you by what you have and do not have. If you are poor, you are a nobody. If you make it to the middle levels of materialism, you can sit proudly in that new car and home you are indebted with up to your nose, the banksters are your economic masters. Boy you have surely made it though! Then you not only have to keep it and sustain it, now you must toil even harder not to lose it and to continue to go further higher up the feeding chain. Millions of minions trod along this path only to realize that one little miss-step, one little mishap and it can all disappear. Back to "Go" do not collect 200, start all over again! The meaning of life has been replaced by the American Dream, now its "the mission in life." But then what is the true meaning of life? For the sake of continuity of this chapter's topic we must continue to focus on the main issues at hand. For those who are interested, we will try to cover the TRUE meaning of life elsewhere in this report.

So there you stand, a bare empty shell, conditioned since childhood, a mere minion among minions who the ruling elite lead to graze as sheep in whatever direction they so choose. You see but yet you are blind, you hear but yet you are deaf. You must break free from their bonds and emancipate yourself from mental slavery. In order to do so, you must earnestly confront all the fairy tales you have been conditioned in your entire life. You must learn to see through the smoke and mirrors of your ruling masters. But who can question their wisdom? Who dares stand up to the powers of the beast? This Matrix Report is just one attempt to provide a cohesive universal insight into "the matrix" of the ruling elite. There are literally dozens upon dozens of more highly researched more in depth sources and websites out there just waiting for you to enter, waiting for you with tons of evidence, facts and so forth, were they lift the cover of the smoke and mirrors, exposing to the world the lies, deceit and sins of those who wish to enslave us all. Unfortunately even though truth can be told, it must be REALIZED individually. Ignorance is bliss.

Unfortunately, at this moment we neither have the resources nor space to get into details here in this report. Our mission is to provide the "big picture" and show how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together like a glove. We connect the dots. You must continue forth and keep on connecting the dots. With that said and done, the world has been masterfully manipulated for ages by THE MEDIA. Text books, magazines, news papers, TV, etc. are their tools. Those who control the media are COMPLETELY allied with the ruling elite and your governments, for all intents and purposes, they are "one". A train of thought is first fabricated by the original source, then the other units of the media chain all chime in and instill the message, a wave of re-enforcing like messages come at you from all corners and sources. Surely if EVERYONE is saying the same thing, then it "must" be true! Behold: Here lays the basic framework on how their system works.

We are living in an era of mass delusion and denial on the part of leaders in both major political parties, were stating the obvious can be a radical act. Mass delusion and denial has permeated this society to it's very core. There are no more real heroes, all we have left are the goyim sheeple who just want to do their job, get paid, go home to their nice cozy homes and new cars, big screen TV, iPod, iPhone, WII and just let their brains melt. Most of who just DON'T even want to know the truth anymore! True hero figures have been strategically replaced by mass media fakes such as rock stars, movie stars, sports stars, those who get paid unimaginable millions for just a few days "work" to keep the sheeple entertained and distracted. Americans from sea to shining sea worship these fake idols, want to emulate them, dress like them, wish they could be like them, all the while, their minds are consumed with these pathetic feeble thoughts and pursuits while the REAL prize, is being taken right from under your noses, little do they all know that they have forfeited their birthrights. The day will come when America wakes up to REALITY only to find out that the coup already happened right in front of their faces decades ago, yet they never realized it…

The public school systems are nothing more than indoctrination camps were the young are institutionalized and pre conditioned for later release into society, to fulfill their part in society as "sheeple". Think about it. One of the basic brain washing techniques is taking advantage of insufficient sleep, they make the children wake up and be in school at incredibly early hours. This is where you are trained to abided by rigid schedules, taught to obey orders and your masters, obey whistles and bells. This is where you are implanted with the fairy tale version of history and are taught what are “accepted norms”, how our society works.

Ever since you were a little kid with an easily molded sponge of a mind you were conditioned and taught that evil and corruption come from just a very few sinister looking types and that our politicians are loving benevolent custodians of government who wake up in the morning just exploding with care and the utmost concern for your well being. So that later in life to even dare entertain the thought of your government being totally corrupt becomes incomprehensible. They implant the illusion that our social system is not only sound and normal but that the there are just a few deviant, corrupt and criminal types out there. They prepare you for entering pre defined segments of society with all their extracurricular activities such as drama, debate team, sports, and so forth. So when you see your kids being trained to stand in line and march down the halls in single file, so cute and well behaved, remember it was me who revealed to you that your kids are being trained to become accustomed to the concept of MARCHING for the military industrial matrix.

The intelligent ones from the "pheasants" of society who attend the public school system and climb their ways up the educational chain distinguishing themselves with their higher IQs. These superior intellectual ones are often singled out somewhere along their route and converted to true followers of “the system” in whatever segment they are ultimately gifted at. They are then immersed in the "think" of their industry segment. This conditioning begins in the universities. Special "head hunters" whose job it is to identify those gifted ones, often keep tabs on them, waiting for graduation day where they are chosen to join whatever segment has best use for this new talent pool. After joining the elite business, government, organizations, etc., they are carefully monitored by top brass. Those who prove loyal to "the cause", mission, establishment, etc., are promoted and groomed for higher level positions. Only after demonstrating absolute loyalty and trust, to their masters, will they, little by little be given key positions were their work is to perpetuate and advance whatever "system" that they are placed in.