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Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Overthrow, Satan's Complex and the Alter Ego

Foundational Study (2a)
The Overthrow

Proverbs 16:5  "Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the LORD: though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished."

Before his fall, satan worked his way up to become a chief guardian cherub in Our Heavenly FATHER's Kingdom.  ALMIGHTY GOD promoted satan, then called lucifer, to protect the Mercy Seat, the very throne of our CREATOR.  But lucifer didn't just want to protect the Mercy Seat, he wanted to sit in it, as CHRIST, as GOD.

Satan's own pride and vanity led to his downfall.  The phrase "hand join in hand" is similar to the expression, "arm in arm", or allied one to another.  Satan departed from GOD's plan and drew one third of GOD's children, arm in arm, with him in rebellion.  So when did all of this happen?  It occurred in the First Earth Age, before satan's overthrow, or "katabole".  It's also known as lucifer's flood, predating Noah's flood, and so devastating, the earth became void, a wasteland and ruin.  With common sense and discernment, it's obvious that satan's rebellion had to take place in a different dispensation, which was the First Earth Age.  However, the mainstream church won't teach this, because it interferes with their doctrines of men and devils.  They teach minitruths or incomplete doctrines in order for the great apostasy to occur.  The indoctrination process of organized religion starts in the Book of Genesis, the "Origin" or  "the Beginning".  The reason why many Christians can't understand the entire WORD as a unit is due to the limited knowledge provided by minitruths or only fragments of Truth.

Revelation 12:4  "And his tail [of satan, a.k.a. the serpent or dragon] drew the third part of the stars of heaven [GOD's children, souls, or sons of GOD in angelic bodies], and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman [from mother Eve to virgin Mary] which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child [The Messiah, CHRIST] as soon as it was born."

All souls must be birthed through the matrix (rechem or womb - Ex 13:2; Ex 34:19; Num 3:12) to come into this flesh life, into this present or Second Earth Age.  But there was a first Earth Age and the events that took place, primarily satan's rebellion, led to GOD destroying it.

Jeremiah 4:23  "I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form, and void; and the heavens, and they had no lights."

This verse is a hint for you to go back to "The Beginning" or the "Origin", the Book of Genesis, in verses 1 and 2.  We'll go there to the "Original Earth (Gen 1:1)" and the "Chaotic Earth (Gen 1:2)" shortly.

GOD gave all his created children freewill, because true love cannot be forced.  You cannot pressure, convince or force someone to love you.  You can try any skill in your arsenal, such as charm and wit, or apply questionable tactics like twisting someone's arm, causing harm, or even trying to buy the person with gifts.  But we all know that you can't win hearts that way.  As men, we all fall short, sometimes, doing selfish things in the attempt to obtain what we desire.  However, when it comes to love, everyone knows that genuine love comes from the heart and can't be bought. 

GOD is perfect and He loves each and every one of His children.  You're his child and our FATHER wants for you to love Him.  GOD's not looking for robots to say, "I love you", all day long, because that wouldn't be real.  You wouldn't want it, either.  Giving freewill to the ones that you love comes with risk, because they might not return your love.  If you set someone free, meaning giving them liberty, and they come back to you, then you indeed have that individual's love.  If you understand this simple truth, you'll learn to appreciate GOD's ways and His long suffering towards His children.

Isaiah 14:12  "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, who didst rise in the morning? how art thou fallen to the earth, that didst wound the nations?"

Isaiah 14:13  "And thou saidst in thy heart: I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God, I will sit in the mountain of the covenant, in the sides of the north."

Isaiah 14:14  I will ascend above the height of the clouds, I will be like the MOST HIGH.

Isaiah 14:15  But yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, into the depth of the pit.

lucifer = H1966. hêylêl (hay-lale'); from H1984 (in the sense of brightness); the morning star: - lucifer.  H1984. hâlal (haw-lal') A primitive root; to be clear (originally of sound, but usually of color); to shine; hence to make a show; to boast; and thus to be (clamorously) foolish; to rave; causatively to celebrate; also to stultify:

GOD's Throne comes from the north, to which satan aspires, but the devil will be put down into the depth of the pit.

Psalms 75:6  "For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south."
Psalms 75:7  "But GOD is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another." 

Lucifer is the false morning star, the fallen cherub from the Overthrow, who will pretend to be Christ, when he is cast down, along with his lieutenants, onto the Earth.  The True Morning Star is Jesus CHRIST. 

Revelation 22:16  "I Jesus have sent Mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright and morning Star."
Luke 10:18  "And He [CHRIST] said unto them [disciples], I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven."

Revelation 12:9  "And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him."  [This verse is a hint for you to go back to Genesis Ch 3 and Ch 6]

The world has been obsessed with fallen stars, since the fallen watchers, or "sons of God", and the "men of renown" in the days of Noah.  They were the fallen angels that seduced the daughters of Adam, including two failed attempts to completely pollute the seedline from which CHRIST would be born.  The greeks, egyptians, babylonians as well as other civilizations worshipped the fallen watchers as their (false) gods.  The offspring from the sexual union between the fallen watchers and women are known as the Nephilim.

Genesis 6:1  "And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,"

Genesis 6:2  "That the sons of God [fallen angels] saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose." 
Genesis 6:4  "There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown."  [first and second influx; after their destruction by the Flood, as well as before it]
2 Peter 2:4  "For if GOD spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment;"

2 Peter 2:5  "And spared not the old world, but saved Noah the eighth person, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly;

The fallen angels have been sentenced by GOD to be thrown into the lake of fire with satan.  In those days, Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.  He was a just man and "perfect" in his generations.  The Hebrew word for "perfect" in Genesis 6:9 is tamim (taw-meem'), meaning "without blemish".  We're not talking about Noah being a truly perfect man, in the moral sense, but he was righteous.  "Without blemish" means that he and his wife were pedigree, that they were pureblooded, in spite of the widespread corruption brought about by the fallen angels.

Genesis 6:8  "But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD."
Genesis 6:9  "These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with GOD."

Genesis 6:10  "And Noah begat three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth."

Genesis 6:11  "The earth also was corrupt before GOD, and the earth was filled with violence."
Genesis 6:12  "And GOD looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.

The Perfect ONE, Jesus CHRIST, would be born of a virgin (Mary) through the matrix, to bring salvation to the world.  No one else comes through the matrix born of a virgin, as the only begotten SON of GOD, only The SAVIOR.  Mary's father was of the tribe of Judah and his wife was a Levite, so Mary was a mixture of half Judah (king line) and half Levi (priest line).  Hence, Jesus CHRIST is King of kings (Judah) and Lord of lords (Priest of priests; Levi).

Do you see how seedlines, corruption and unlawful sex are recurrent themes in the Book of Genesis?  Well, it all goes back to the Garden of Eden, where satan, the serpent, made the very first attempt to ruin GOD's plan to bring Salvation to the world.

Have you ever tried to hide a reaction, such as an impolite or badly timed, yawn, laugh or giggle?  Most folks have done it.  And what do you see people do when they accidentally say something that they shouldn't have said?  They cover their mouths, sometimes the entire face, with their hands.  However serious or playful the gesture might be, it's a form of concealment to hide the expressions made by the face and/or mouth.  Adam and Eve didn't cover their mouths, but they covered their privates.  The sin in the Garden of Eden involved body parts other than the mouth.  The gesture reveals the guilt.

Genesis 3:7  "And the eyes of them both [Adam and Eve] were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons."

The couple was in a fig orchard, thus they used fig leaves to make themselves aprons.  Does this truth surprise you?  Or did you picture eating a red apple, or some mythical fruit, in the story?  If so, where did this belief, idea or image of eating an apple come from?  Did you come up with it yourself?  The answer is "no".  Nowhere in the Book of Genesis is the word "apple" ever mentioned.

This should speak volumes to you concerning indoctrination and the precepts of men taught by the Dynasties of Religion and Education/Media.  A child's mind is open; an indoctrinated mind is closed.  The example given is an exercise in doublethink, knowing and understanding human nature, yet believing a doctrine that is entirely contrary to understanding and common sense.  And when the truth is presented, cognitive dissonance intoxicates the mind.  Constant stress from cognitive dissonance turns off critical thinking, puts the mind to sleep, and makes one defenseless to indoctrination.  A little bit of indoctrination, or leaven, propagates through the entire mind.  The final product is a double-minded hypocrite, drunken with indoctrination from the cup of devils.

For the great apostasy to occur, mass double-mindedness must first be instilled in the population.  For those of you who are beginning to wake up, you'll notice the double-mindedness and hypocrisy in the media, in your home, at your work or even in your church.  When this hive mindset reaches its pinnacle, satan will arrive as the false christ, or antichrist, to deceive the world into worshipping him as Christ.  We're living in the final generation, where you will be persecuted for teaching the real WORD of GOD, and wrong will be called right in satan's backward system of Babylon (confusion) and false peace.

Luke 21:32  "Verily I [CHRIST speaking] say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled."

Luke 21:33  "Heaven and earth shall pass away: but My words shall not pass away."

Luke 21:34  "And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares."

Luke 21:35  "For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth."

The word, "surfeiting", means a hangover.  If you apply the verse literally, you'll think it's only about alcoholics.  That's certainly not the case, because the next verse states that a snare shall come onto the whole world, so we know to apply it figuratively.  Surfeiting, or a hang over of the mind, is cognitive dissonance from double-mindedness and hypocrisy.  Drunkenness is the state of being unstable, in a stupor, and intoxicated by indoctrination and the precepts of men.  As you can see, the leaven, from the pharisees, extends past the religious system, which accounts for one of the Four Hidden Dynasties.

The drunken man is intoxicated from the cup of devils and filled with double-mindedness and hypocrisy from satan's indoctrination.  You are what you eat.  Indoctrination from the cup of devils is the poison from the serpent and his seedline.  The snares of habitual sins; indoctrination; overcharged minds toward material things and the cares of this world; addiction to drugs, sex, etc will render you useless against the enemy and that day will come upon you unawares.  Satan will have whole the world eating out of his hands.  If you're plugged into the beast, or antichrist, system and you cannot seem to unplug, he has you.  A carnal mind seeks a carnal savior, a false savior, and his real name is satan.

The True Morning Star, YAHVEH's Savior, would come through a perfect, or pure, lineage.  The fallen, false morning star, lucifer, is exactly what he is, a fallen angel that will try to pass himself off as Christ in this final generation.  Satan will promote his stars, performers and actors, as the opening act before the featured act, which is his big entrance onto the stage of one worldism, as the false christ, or "instead of" christ, the antichrist.  The false christ, satan, comes at the sixth trump and the True CHRIST returns at the seventh.

The film and entertainment industry is a department, within the hidden Dynasty of Education and Media, controlled by the kenites (children of cain).  Lucifer is the most recognized fallen star of the rebellious watchers, or fallen angels.  Hollywood, a creation of satan's children, honors their stars (actors; musicians; fictional characters; directors, etc) with public monuments on the "walk of fame".  The memorials are shaped as stars and embedded into sidewalks, of all places, to be symbolic of the angels that were fallen to the Earth.  The stars are spaced out at 6 feet intervals, so there are stars and 6s lined through the sidewalks of hollywood blvd and vine street (the devil's the fake vine).

People continue to idolize actors, the fallen stars of today, even after they make transitions into other areas such as politics, religion, education and business.  Mainstream entertainment numbs your mind with acting, until acting doesn't even appear to be pretending to you.  An actor is a hypocrite by profession.  Even still, Americans rarely think twice to vote a famous actor into political office.  To the kenites, actors are already potty trained and skilled in the art of acting.  They don't need to waste time teaching them how to pretend, because the actors are ready-made puppets.  The father of cain, satan, is the president of the acting club.  Satan's the liar of liars and will deceive the world into worshipping him as the Messiah.  The devil will win the oscar for best actor.  Interestingly enough, the oscar trophy is a statuette of an egyptian false god.  Satan will be the biggest actor that will step onto the world stage and into every home, through internet and television, playing the role of Christ.

With that said, satan or lucifer, a protector of the Mercy Seat, wanted to be GOD.  Pride got the better of the devil.  Sin and misery love company (Pro 1:10) and that old serpent, the devil, deceived one-third of GOD's children into following him.  GOD's children number in the billions, easily over 10 billion, so one-third is a lot of souls.

The physical world often mirrors the spiritual world.  Presently, satan and his lieutenants control their council of kenites (the children of cain) and their agents from a prison in Heaven (Rev 12:9).  Gang leaders also control their followers both inside and outside the prisons in this flesh world.  In some circles, the kenites are still known as the "council".  This goes way back to the Sanhedrin, meaning "assembly" or "council".  They were the religious, political group of kenite leaders that fabricated charges and conspired against Jesus, so they could kill Him.

The number "13" is a number tied to satan.  Gangs and the occult are well-known for using the number.  In the Bible, the number "13" is associated with rebellion (Gen 14:4).  In direct reference to satan, the word, "dragon", is mentioned 13 times in the Book of Revelation.  If we count by the number of verses the dragon (in reference to satan) appears in the Bible, it's still 13, because it appears twice in Rev 12:7 (once in Rev 12:3; 12:4; 12:9; 12:13; 12:16; 12:17; 13:2; 13:4; 13:11; 16:13; 20:2) and once in Psalm 91:13.  The Scriptures also record a total of 13 famines: 1. Gen 12:10; 2. Gen 26:1; 3. Gen 41:54; 4. Ruth 1:1; 5. 2 Sam 21:1; 6. 1 Kings 18:1; 7. 2 Kings 4:38; 8. 2 Kings 7:4; 9. 2 Kings 25:3; 10. Neh 5:3; 11. Jer 14:1; 12. Luke 15:14; 13. Acts 11:28.

Judas Iscariot, satan's agent, and betrayer of Jesus CHRIST has 13 letters in his name.  If we consider Matthias to be the true, or real, 12th disciple, that would make Judas the false 12th disciple, or the "13th" disciple of rebellion or apostasy.  The number "12" represents governmental completion, so Judas' position would lie outside the completion of the true twelve.  The name "Judas" comes from Jehudah, or Judah, so Judas represents the bad figs, or false Judah, the children of Cain (a.k.a. kenites).  Matthias was elected by the LORD to fill the place of the traitor (Act 1:25-26).  The name, Matthias, means "gift of YAHVEH" or "the gift of GOD", and both meanings are composed of 12 letters.  Therefore, "the gift of GOD" replaced Judas, as the real 12th apostle to take part of the ministry and apostleship.  The kenites follow 13 principles of faith.  The 12th principle deals with the false messiah, just like Judas was the false 12th disciple.  Satan is the false messiah of 12th principle; he is number "13", the archetype and representation of rebellion.

The events that take place in this present dispensation are also similar to what occurred in the First Earth Age.  Folks often say that you can't teach an old dog new tricks.  People behave not much differently in this present dispensation than at the katabole.  As souls in angelic bodies, in the First Earth Age, those that rebelled with satan, against ALMIGHTY GOD, will likely do the same in the flesh life.  History repeats itself, so there's nothing new under the sun.  You have this flesh life to repent and get right with GOD, through His Son, Jesus CHRIST.

Eccessiastes 1:9  "The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun."

Ecclessiastes 1:10  "Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us."

You can move a person from state to state, or from one country to another, and his character might change from the experience.  But you'll pretty much find him as the same person in more ways than less.  The Second Earth Age, that we're in right now, is not reincarnation, because GOD has appointed all men to die once (Heb 9:27).  In the First Earth Age, all of GOD's children were in angelic bodies.  Flesh men and women didn't exist because there wasn't any reason for it.  Yet, animals did exist in flesh bodies, during the First Earth Age, and many of their fossils can still be found today.

Have you ever noticed that children are often brighter and smarter than adults?  They're the new entries in the flesh life, through the matrix, and have little experience in this flesh world.  But all souls are ageless and children aren't born with baby souls, so to speak.  Our souls don't age, or get old, only our flesh bodies do.  Souls were created, not birthed.  The stories, in the Bible, of angels appearing unto men, don't ever state that they were elderly in appearance.  You might be experiencing old age in the flesh, but your spirit feels as young as it was decades ago.  You know exactly what I mean and, sometimes, no words can describe the things that your heart and spirit know.

GOD is Holy.  Wickedness and evil cannot dwell with Him.  "For thou art not a GOD that hath pleasure in wickedness: neither shall evil dwell with thee" (Psa 5:4).  As angelic, spiritual beings, we witnessed the death of animals in the flesh.  However, even at this present moment, none of GOD's children have experienced the second death, which is the the death of the soul (Rev 20:14-15).  Even satan, the only entity, by name, that has been sentenced to perish, by GOD, is still alive. 

GOD knew that many of us had trouble understanding the finality of death and couldn't grasp the true appreciation for Eternal Life.  Even though we witnessed death in animals, which were in flesh bodies, we didn't go through anything like it in angelic bodies.  Evil cannot dwell with ALMIGHTY GOD, especially not in the eternity.  But what father would want any of his children to perish?  So GOD had a plan, a Perfect One, whereby His children could be saved from the same fate as lucifer, which is the permanent death of the soul.  "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of GOD is eternal life through Jesus CHRIST our Lord" (Rom 6:23).

GOD placed us into flesh bodies in this Second Earth Age.  A soul enters this flesh life via the matrix, the mother's womb or rechem (in Hebrew), at conception.  That's right, there's a soul in the embryo.  The average pregnancy lasts 40 weeks ("40" represents probation).  The amniotic sac, or bag of waters, holds the embryo (later fetus).  

To be Continued...

Mr baptist.